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Cure for Equine Warts

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Many young horses will develop warts usually on their face and sometimes on their legs.  Warts are caused by the papilloma virus and can be in singles or in clusters.  The equine can develop a secondary infection if it rubs it s face enought to cause the warts to open and to bleed.  Warts can also be spread to other horses.  We have never had this to happen because we treat warts as soon as they appear.

The cure is very simple and we have never had it fail.

Put about a 1/2 cup olive oil in a jar with a good lid.
Crush about 6-8 medium garlic cloves and add them to the olive oil.
Shake well before using. 
Put on the warts 2-3 times a day with a cotton swab or a small cotton ball.  
Keep mixture refrigerated.

Normally the warts will dry up and fall off within ten days to two weeks.  Without treatment, I have heard of warts remeaining on horses for months and months. 


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