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Teton is a beautiful, 17-hand Thoroughbred.  When he originally came to the sanctuary in 2002, he was lame with a tendon injury.  Once his tendon healed, he was saddled.  We were shocked beyond belief when he threw his body on the ground and began to shake and tremble.  We believed that he had been abused and needed someone with greater expertise than ours, so we sent him to Tamara Eichorn, a trainer in Gold Hill who is known for her patience and kindness working with troubled horses.

She worked with him and found him very sweet but when he was saddled, he once again fell to the ground and trembled violently.  Tamara did some research and called Dr. Carla Christie, equine chiropractor, who treated Teton for girth pain.  He had a rib out of place.  Once treated, Teton became a normal horse.  He was easily placed into a loving home where he remained for the next 5 years.   The injury of the main breadwinner in his family coupled with the downturn in the economy, resulted in Teton and his herd mates Maverick and Coyote being returned to the sanctuary.  All three horses were too thin to offer for immediate placement. 

After Teton's second recovery it became evident that he had suffered injuries to his neck and withers.  It is believed this is from the years of girth pain and the face that he would throw himself onto his back to avoid being tacked.  Teton is now available as a pasture pal only.  He is a sweet ,friendly gelding that gets along with horses and loves the attention of people.  He would make a lovely pasture mate or pasture ornament for some lucky person.

Maverick & Teton upon arrival in 2010

Teton, April 2012

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