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Help the Horses

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 We need your help!

We at the Horse Protection Society are at our wit's end just trying to figure out how to provide decent shelter for the horses.  We are  turning to you with a plea and the hope that you will be able to help.  We recognize that the request is unusual, but believe in our hearts that helping to save the lives of these starved and abused horses that cannot help themselves and that have put their fragile trust in us, is critical to affirming our humaneness.


Important Note:  Once you log into your Paypal account to donate, please look for where it says "Donation intent" and click on the "+" sign.  

In this space, please make a note of where we should apply your much appreciated donation! 

Long Term Placement

As you are no doubt aware, many horses die needlessly each year.  Your willingness to consider choosing a rescued horse as your equine companion indicates that you are a caring individual that wants to help make the world a better place for horses as well as human beings. Click Here to read the information about Long Term Placement.  If it's something you would consider, please CLICK HERE to print an 'Application for Placement of Equine' and submit it to HPS.  We will get in touch with you to discuss details.

Equine Angel Sponsor

You've heard the saying, "A little goes a long way?"  With enough sponsors, HPS will be able to supply all the horses' needs for feed, hay, farrier care, dental care, and veterinary care through monthly donations of as little as $20 or yearly sponsorship donations of $240.  Please CLICK HERE to print and submit an Angel Sponsor Form.

Our members are some of our most valuable assets and we appreciate your participation.  It's important that we have a significant membership list not only because volunteer help and donations help keep our rescue operation going, but it's also very important when we apply for grants.  Please click the link to print and submit a form and membership fee to start your membership today!  Yearly memberships are $35 for individuals and $55 for families.  You will receive a monthly newsletter and be allowed to visit the sanctuary during non-visiting hours.

As anyone knows who has fed or helped feed, this is quite a task and takes a considerable amount of time.  Another pair of hands is always most welcome and appreciated.   If you are  interested in helping to feed please send an email to:
Morning feeds start around 7:00-8:00am and evening feeds about 4:00pm.   Click on the link to read feeding procedures and view the feeding schedule. 

Do you have any extra 2'x8'x8' lumber laying around?  How about a few hundred 'lag' screws?  If so, we can take them off your hands!  Click on the link to see our list.  Maybe you can help us cross off an item or two!

Merchant Cooperation


PetMeds Partner Program is one of the most innovative available, offering not only a generous 10% commission on every referred customer's qualifying purchases, but also a 10% commission on an ongoing basis.

  1. Call us at 1-800-PetMeds (1-800-738-6337) and use the code HPS
  2. Fax in an order form (Be sure to have your code HPS written on the order form) Additional forms are available here.
  3. Visit our website and use your reference code (HPS) during the checkout process. Simply enter it in the OFFER CODE box on the cart page.
  4. Visit a branded URL of our website ( You do not have to enter the code when you use this link - HPS will automatically be given credit for the order.

It is the mission of the Horse Protection Society of North Carolina to make the world a better place for horses through education, rescue and rehabilitation.

Hearts - Hands- Helping -Horses

Horse Protection Society
2135 Miller Road, China Grove NC 28023
501(c)3 nonprofit