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Saying "Good-bye"

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Saying Good By
There were no other horses and he was alone,
In the coldest winter he came to his new home.
So skinny and sick we thought you would die,
Then a bad colic, so sick it would make you cry.

He recovered and grew to a beautiful boy,
He was as fast as the wind and loved to run. 
His mane and tail flying was, oh such a joy,
It thrilled everyone to see him go and was such fun.

Then the day came when it was time to see if he would ride,
We headed out and he wanted to go, what wonderful gaits.
His long mane in my face as he galloped, his tail flying high,
He would let no one else ride and every few dys we had a date.

His sense of humor was beyone compare,
He would open his stall and let out his favorite mare.
He would open the feed room to help himself,
He got caught and we fixed the little elf!

This horse had the biggest ego of all the horses I've met,
At 43 when he lost a free running race, all  he would do was fret.
Then the horses ran faster and he lost yet again.
He became a pet and would ride no more,
For the other horses were too much of a threat.
"I won't race if I cannot win and this I swore!"

Over the years his chesnut face became covered with gray,
His blind eye sunk more, yet he was still a beautiful bay.
His stories are legendary and will last forever,
For this great old baby was still, oh so clever.

Our strong boy, the summer of 2009, he was so very sick,
Everyone helped, with prayers too, 'cause he would kick.
He got better you see with the love and the care,
But our old boy had problems, yet still liked his mare.

Today was a bad day, for we had to say, "Good-bye" to our beloved,
There will never be another Navajo-- that was so well loved!

Navajo crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 28th, 2010, a few days before his 46th birthday.  He was in kidney failure.

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