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Kit Carson

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Rescued September 17, 2011     One of our members went with a friend to see a horse that was for sale.  When she saw the condition of the gelding. low body score of 2 and severe diarrhea, she knew immediately that it was in danger and called the sanctuary.  The owner had only had the horse for about 2 years and it was thin when he got him.  It had a very bad colic at some point and had had diarrhea ever since.  A veterinarian diagnosed a malabsorbtion condition and prescribed a supplement but the owner did not purchase it and could not remember the name of the product.

The horse was supposed to be a 10-year-old registered American Quarter Horse.  With his lovely confirmation, this is possibly true.  The owner had been trail riding him despite his thinness and the horse never completely recovered to its true weight.  His tail had also be cut above the hocks to keep the diarrhea out.

We dewormed Kit Carson extremely slowly in hopes that this will help him.  He had not been wormed in at least 6 months when he came to the sanctuary.  We also put him on probiotics, pelleted feed, and dried beet pulp to slow motility.  These steps have not cured his diarrhea though he has returned to full weight and from outward appearances appears to be a completely health horse.  Bloodwork and fecal exams have not indicated any sources of his diarrhea.  We had the veterinarian treat him with panacur for the possiblity of encapsulated parasites and plan to also treat him for Lawsonia Intercellularis, a bacteria that lives in the intestines.  We also had bloodwork to test for EPM.  He tested positive and has now completed the 10 day treatment.  We are watching him carefully and keeping our fingers crossed that this will cure his diarrhea.  No stone will be left unturned in trying to cure his diarrhea so he can be placed in a home one day.

Kit Carson, April 7, 2012

Kit Carson, June 25, 2012.

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