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Rescued August 14, 2013  Chippewa was rescued along with two mares, Cayenne and Miakoda, and a stallion by the Surry County Animal Control.  The photo of him upon arrival was taken about 2 weeks after being in the care of animal control and does not indicate the state of starvation from which he had been rescued.  He is much younger than the 11 years his former owners stated at only 3 years old. 

We do not know how much training he has had though animal control indicated that the people  who owned him had ridden all 4 of the horses.  Horses do not finish growing until 4 years  and sometimes as late as 5 years old.  Riding a horse to early in its life can cause irreparable harm to tendons, ligaments and joints so Chippewa will have at least a years rest before any attempt is made to put him under saddle.

Chippewa is a quiet, little fellow.  Nothing like the energetic young Pecos and Chico who are almost the same age but who arrived at the HPS sanctuary when they were only about 18 months old.  We hope that he will find some young playmates that will help to bring him out of his shell!  For now he is learning to stand quietly for the farrier.  In his own quiet way, this seems to be a very new and worrisome experience for him

Chippewa will need an Angel Sponsor to help pay for his care.  If you are interested,  please contact the sanctuary!

Chippewa, August 14, 2013

Chippewa, September 29, 2013

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