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"Horses make a landscape more beautiful."  by Lame Deer, Lakota Shaman

The Pasture Pals are wonderful horses that just cannot be ridden.  They need loving homes, too. 
There are no placement fees for Pasture Pals.   We ask only for a donation.

CLICK HERE for 'Application of Placement for Equine'.

Hopi, 28-year-old registered American Quarter Horse mare.  Ex-halter horse & brood mare.  Not trained to ride.  Good health.  Half-sister to Sunrise.  Click on the photo to learn more about Hopi.

Midnight Sun, 20-year-old Saddlebred/Thoroughbred cross.
14.3 hands.  Excellent health. 
Click on the photo to learn more about Midnight Sun.

Red Cloud, 26-year-old Quarter Horse mare.   Click on the photo to learn more about Red Cloud.

Sahara,  23-year-old Arabian mare.  Weak tendons & joints.  Excellent ground manners. 

Click on the photo to learn more about Sahara.

Sunrise, 27-year-old registered American Quarter Horse mare.  Rescued January 15, 2011.  Ex-halter horse & brood mare.  Very sweet personality.  Half-sister to Hopi. 

Click on the photo to learn more about Sunrise.


Teton, 22-year-old Thoroughbred gelding.  17 hands.  Old neck &
wither injuries that prevent him being ridden. 

Important Note:  Once you log into your Paypal account to donate, please look for where it says "Donation intent" and click on the "+" sign.   In this space, please make a note of where we should apply your much appreciated donation! 

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