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Candy Cane being trimmed by Tree.

"My treasures do not chink together or glitter; they gleam in the sun and neigh in the night."  attributed to Chaddaugh Gypsies of Galway

We have assembled a manual to help new members become acclimated with policy and procedures at the sanctuary.  These procedures have been designed to ensure both the safety and well-being of both the equine residents and volunteers.

Please take the time to click on the links at the bottom of the page, read the content, and become aquainted with the policies of the Horse Protection Society. 
It may appear that there are a lot of policies and procedures to remember and follow.  Please be assured that we have implemented these only so that we can be assured that each and every horse receives the consistent treatment he requires.
Often, the many tasks at the ranch are performed by a "skeleton crew"; people get very busy, and lack the time to answer questions, or provide demonstations.  Consequently, questions from new members, or even "senior" members go unanswered, sometimes resulting in frustration and confusion.  But PLEASE do not let this stop you from asking any questions or requesting direction.  There will always be someone more than happy to listen, demonstrate, answer questions, or help.  It is the purpose of this manual to give an overview of how things are done at the ranch and to help our members feel more confident with the "jobs" they complete, and more satisfied with the time that they spend, at HPS.
At this time, we would also like to invite you to attend Project Day.  Members are notified each month by newsletter or email.  We have a pot luck lunch, where members are asked to bring something to share.  It is the day where all members work together to complete some larger project which needs to be done.  During our lunch, we have an informal members' meeting, where information regarding happenings at the ranch and fellowship are shared.  It is a wonderful time to come out and meet other members and get to know one another.  With all our individual, busy schedules this sometimes proves to be very difficult! 
Finally, please allow us to thank you for your contribution in making our horses happier and healthier.  Every action, however small it may be perceived by you, is appreciated more than you know. 
Thank you and God bless you!


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