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Upcoming Events 

The Horse Protection Society is working to secure all the needed equipment to raise downed horses.  There are a variety of reasons why a horse will need additional help to get up.  If the right equipment is not available and the horse cannot be raised, the horse will have to be euthanized.  When veterinarians are performing surgery where the horse has to be laid down, the equipment can be used to aid the horse to get up safely as it is coming out of the anesthesia.

HPS will need to organize a group of volunteers to be on call to aid veterinarians and raise downed horses.  If you are interested in joining this important life saving group, please call the sanctuary:  704-855-2978 

Upcoming Tack and Treasure Sale: May 2nd and May 3rd
(Click on the flyer to see full size.)


HPS will be at Wells Fargo on South Tryon St in Charlotte on January 9, 2015. Come see us and enter in a drawing to win a gift certificate from Massage Envy or Just Fresh. We will also be selling calendars, t-shirts, taking donations, and providing info about what we do.


Come on out and see us! We will be in Salisbury Nov. 7th from 5-8 PM, and will be selling t-shirts, calendars and taking donations to help feed the horses.We will also have information on volunteering and what you can do to help. Click the flyer for more info on the event.


Update: The Tractor Supply event was a success! We gave out a ton of information, invited some new volunteers, and raised awareness in general. Thanks to Tractor Supply in Concord for welcoming us.


2013 TLAER Training


Tack & Construction Sale
Thank you to all who came out and supported our fundraiser
on May 1st & 2nd.  Over $7000 was raised
to care for the horses at the sanctuary.





Construction of Second Barn!
We are so proud of our new barns.  After getting by with a 100-plus year old barn and several out buildings since our beginning in 1991, we are eternally grateful to all who made this dream a reality.   The second barn houses 25 horses, and we were able to demolish the 100-year-old barn that was too dilapidated to repair again.  The electricity had finally gone out and a terrible windstorm blew another section off of the roof of our old barn.
There have been more calls about starving horses due to the previous year's drought and the current economy.  Some horses that we had placed into homes have returned and we currently have 50 residents to house and feed.  The second barn is 70' by 72' and contains 26 stalls.  It also has rubber mat flooring and shutters for all around.  Garage doors allow the horses entry from two sides of the barn.

Walls are going up!

Walls completed and rubber mat floors started.

Barn features skylights and 26 stalls.

Gates added to interior of barn

Doors and gates added 6/13/08

Covered hay feeder nears completion

Jasmine explores the new barn.

Horses enjoy the shade while eating hay in new covered hay feeder.

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