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Christmas Eve
By Joanie Benson

It is fast getting dark, the wind is blowing the ice laden rain,

And the evening feeder is thinking, “I must be insane.

Does anyone care that I am here all alone?

I have fallen in the mud and lost my phone.”

Not a horse is in sight and the search has been in vain.

The woods up ahead are so black as I follow the lane.

It will be impossible to find them, I call and I call,

Not a sound do I hear except the rain, as I trip and fall.

I am wet and I am freezing cold from this miserable weather,

Then behind me I feel a soft nudge and the gentle nicker of Feather.

They are all there huddled in a tight group just waiting for me,

I remember why I am here and how they are now safe and free.

I feel warm on the inside as the horses follow me back,

The smile on face lights the way to the barn and that’s a fact.

They need me and the others for that’s all they have.

Merry Christmas from the horses, even old Naj. 


God Bless You for Caring

By Joanie Benson

In the heat of the day…. you are there,

With your clothes sticking to your skin.

In the rains and wind…. .you are there,

Finishing work in light that is so very dim.

On icy roads you drive…. you are there,

To feed the young and the very old.

In the cold blowing air… are there,

With hands and feet freezing in the cold.

God looks down and ….. knows you are there,

Caring for his creatures and loving them all.

He is pleased with you .. because you are there.

You have come one and all in answer to his call.


Author Unknown

On the first day of creation, God created the Horse.

On the second day, God created Man to serve the Horse.

On the third day, God created all the animals of the earth to spook
the Horse when Man was upon his back

On the fourth day, God created an honest day's work so that Man could
labor to pay for the keeping of the Horse.

On the fifth day, God created the grasses in the field so that the
horse could eat and Man could toil and clean up after the Horse.

On the sixth day, God created veterinary science to keep the Horse
healthy and Man broke.

On the seventh day, God rested and said this is good. This will teach
Man humility; it will tire him out and keep him striving ever forward to
meet the needs of the Horse.






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