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"You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper."  By Dagobert D. Runes

We have buckets with any item you may need to groom the horse in the tack room. 

Do not leave grooming buckets on the ground in close proximity to the horse.  They can be stomped on or tripped over, causing injury to yourself and the horse.  It is best to put the tack box on the top rail of the stall you are working in with your horse.

Never leave the tack box on the floor of the stall unattended.

Please take good care of our supplies.  We are on a tight budget, and cannot afford to replace items that are lost or misused. 
Also, under no circumstances are any of our equipment or supplies ever to leave the ranch.  As stated before, we are not in a position to replace items on a continual basis!

Horses are to be only soft-brushed in late winter/early spring.  Do not shed them out!  In the winter, you may remove caked mud with a shedding comb and/or a mud brush being extremely careful to remove the mud only.  Matted hair should be brushed lightly back so that it can standup freely.  Hair that is caked with mud or is matted interferes with the ability of the horse to keep himself warm.  Also, if the winter coat is removed too soon, he can chill when temperatures dip and catch cold.
All brushes and the tack box are to be returned to the tack room clean.   Everything is to be returned to its correct bucket and place. 
Manes and tails are NOT to be cut, combed, or pulled!! 
Twists and tangles are to be removed with the use of Cowboy Magic which you must place on the tangle first.  Work the tangle out with your fingers, starting from the bottom, and work your way up.  Be very careful not to remove or pull out hair.  (The bottles of Cowboy Magic are very expensive, so be sparing with its use.)

Check your horse thoroughly when working with him.  If he has any minor cuts, scrapes or bites, doctor it with the Homberger mixture kept in the refrigerator in the feed room.  Check for any scratches in the pastern area.  These must be cleaned and treated with an anti-fungal medication.  Look for unusual bumps or swellings.  Watch for excess drainage from eyes or nostrils. 
The more you work with a horse, the more you will become familiar with him and notice any changes in parts of his body, or even in his behavior.

Place any rags you use in the tack room hamper.  If the rag is wet and dirty, rinse it in the wash bay and hang on the clothes line..  Clean rags can be found in the in the cabinetry unit on the left in the feedroom.

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