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"A canter is a cure for every evil."  By Benjamin Disraeli

The following guidelines pertain to each and every member of the Horse Protection Society.  It is essential to the operation of HPS that we each "share the load" and work as a team for the well-being of our horses. 

Only Members in the Equine Training Program are allowed to ride the horses.

You may use the tack boxes and supplies in the tack room.  Make sure all equipment is in good condition and all pieces are accounted for.   If the tack box or supplies are not clean, please be kind and clean it yourself, you will be the one held accountable for its condition. 
If a piece becomes damaged, please bring it to Joanie's attendtion. 

Each horse that is in the training or riding program has saddle, bridle, and saddle pad assigned to it.  There is a name tag on each saddle rack.  Please do not borrow another horse's equipment.  All equipment must be cleaned after use.  Saddle pads are placed upside down on top of their saddles and bridles are hung on the rack with their saddles. 

You are ultimately responsible for all equipment you use.  If a piece becomes damaged or lost, you will be required to repair or replace it.

All leads are to be unhooked from halters and returned to the appropriate hangers.

Any other items you have should be clean and returned to the exact spot where you got them from. 
Place used dry rags in the tack room clothes basket.  If they are wet, rinse them in the wash bay and hang them on the clothes line.  Please volunteer occassionally to take home rags and wash them.

Do your best to keep the tack room neat and tidy.  Sweep it when it needs it.  Hang up any items that may have fallen.  Any efforts to keep the tack room neat and orderly will be greatly appreciated.

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