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How Many Horses Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?
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Who ME??  Do WHAT?  I'm scared of light bulbs!  I'm outta here!
Someone else do it.  It might get my silky mane dirty and besides, who's gonna read me the instructions?
Put all the bulbs in a pen and tell me which one you want.
Oh, for Pete's Sake, give me the damn bulb and let's be done with it.
Give it to me.  I'll kill it and we won't have to worry about it anymore.
I would, but I can't see where I'm going from behind all this mane.
Put the Shetland on my back, maybe he can reach it then.
Is the 2nd Level Instruction Packet in English?  Doesn't anyone realize that I was sold for $75K as a yearling, but only because my hocks are bad, otherwise I would be worth $100K?  I am NOT changing lightbulbs.  Make the Thoroughbred get back here and do it.
Me! Me! Me!  Pleeease let me!  I wanna do it!  I'm gonna do it!  I know how, really I do!  Just watch!  My parole officer said it's okay, really!  And when we're done we can go over to the neighbors and chase their cats!
Y'all are a bunch of losers.  We don't need to change the lightbulb.  I ain't scared of the dark.  And someone make that dang Morgan stop jumping up and down before I double barrel him.
That thing I ate was a lightbulb?
Author Unknown

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