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Sahara is a 23 year-old Arabian mare.  A kind couple discovered her tangled in a barbed wire fence along a roadside.  Her owner was not interested in calling a vet so the couple handled all of Sahara's medical bills and offered to take the injured mare off his hands.  The owner was not interested in letting her go because he was hoping that she had bred and would have a foal he could sell.

 Later when it was evident that she had failed to breed, the owner allowed the couple to purchase her.  The kind couple had never had a horse before and did not know what to do with her but were glad that finally Sahara was safe.  They contacted us at HPS and asked us to take Sahara and find her a good home.

 Sahara has some damage in her rear hocks and tendons so she is only suitable for an extremely light rider such as a child and then for only very light rides so we feel that she will be better off as a pasture pal.

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