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Little Salida is the head mare at HPS and one of the smartest horses on site.  She has many interesting habits such as splashing in the lake with her admirers and playing with the water hoses.      
She came to the sanctuary several years ago after being starved and abandoned.  Her old owners used to throw out dry dog food for their animals.  Salida and another mare that was her pasture mate scavenged what they could.  Eventually, her owners lost their property in a foreclosure and abandoned the two mares.


Salida easily found a new home, however, eventually her new family's lifestyle changed and they did not have enough time to devote to the demands of keeping up a horse.  She is waiting for another home to come along. 
Salida needs an experienced rider.  She is trained western and is a very good trail horse.  She has excellent ground manners, stands quietly for the farrier, and loads nicely. 


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