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Santa Fe

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Santa Fe is one of the most battle-scarred horses ever come to the sanctuary.  How many times he changed hands until ending up in a herd of over a hundred horses with a dealer is unknown.  In fact, we have no history on Santa Fe but the physical scars he bears are evidence of a life of neglect and abuse.

Santa Fe had only recently gone blind in one eye when we rescued him.  He may have had an illness or injury that went untreated and caused him to lose his vision in his left eye.  Deep divots are evident in the muscle tissue of his neck.  A foot-long, jagged scar runs down his left rear leg and through his hoof.   We have no idea what kind of accident or abuse caused these injuries.

Santa Fe has made a lot of progress over coming his fears during his first few years at the sanctuary.  One of our members had been working with him and was at last able to ride him with a side walker assisting. However, he began to show signs of lameness and we suspected DSLD (Degenerative Ligament Desmatis) and he was put on rest and rehabilitation.  He also had a large horizontal crack running through the damaged part of his hoof from when he first arrived at the sanctuary. 

His weak tendons were treated with a course of Adequan injections along with daily ice and DMSO therapy.  The horizontal crack in his hoof has grown out but he continues to have weakness in the tendons in his left hind leg.  We hoped that he had not develped DSLD and would find a home as a companion horse but he has continued to break down.

Ultra sound will be performed on his ligaments in the very near future to determine the extent of his condition.


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