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How can you help? Listen here!

Important Note:  Once you log into your Paypal account to donate, please look for where it says "Donation intent" and click on the "+" sign.   In this space please make a note of where we should apply your much appreciated donation! 




The 2018 calendar is dedicated to the

memory of Dr. Bob Gochnauer

   A huge amount of time has been put in to create the best 2018 calendar for you representing the beautiful horses at the sanctuary.  What a great way to help the horses and you get to enjoy them all year on a gorgeous calendar. 

   There are always priorities that we need funding, for like the equine dentist, which will cost thousands and thousands of dollars.  We still need funding for the retreatment of the EPM horses.  The company is in FL and we wanted to wait until they have had a chance to put things right and we prayed we had enough funding.  Now, another storm is heading their way. 

   It has been an expensive summer and every month we had to dig deep to pay all the costs for the horses.  Autumn is here and we need your help. 

We have created the best calendar yet…… just for you.

Qty. 1 w/Postage

Qty. 2 w/Postage

Qty. 3 w/Postage



Click Here to read the October 2018
edition of 'Over Herd'.

 Save a Horse...Ride a Rescue 


There are thousands of starved, abused, abandoned, & unwanted horses in the state of NC.  Rescues such as the Horse Protection Society struggle to help humane societies and animal control with this daunting problem. 

How can you be a part of the solution?

Volunteer your time at the HPS sanctuary

Make a donation

Give a home to a rescue horse

Geld your stallion and prevent the birth of unwanted foals

Sponsor a
Horse of Your Own
For as little as $20 a month or more, you can sponsor a horse at HPS.  It costs about $250 per month to feed and care for a horse at the sanctuary.  Sponsors receive a newsletter every month, and may visit their horse Saturdays between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  Become an Angel Sponsor today.  Click on the link below to print a sponsorship form and indicate the name of the horse that you would like to sponsor.  Or if you like, we can choose  a horse for you.

CLICK HERE to view and print your 'Angel Sponsor Form'.


HPS is one of the Great Nonprofits in the USA!  Click on the badge to read reviews.


Riding & Training Participants Needed!
The purpose of the HPS riding & training program is to get the horses back into condition before going to new homes, to give them any additional training they may need, to help them overcome their fears of being ridden, and to learn about the horses' abilities & personalities so they can be matched with an appropriate home.

If you would like to participate, you must have a current HPS membership, volunteer 14-16 hours a month on the feed schedule, possess a willing attitude and be prepared to make a long-term commitment to the program.  
We start by teaching the correct ground work to build trust with the individual who will be riding the horse.  The horses have recovered from starvation and do not have the muscle tone to carry much weight.  There are some weight restrictions for riding, but we also need people to help with groundwork, grooming, and tack maintenance.

The program meets on Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  
For further details, please contact the sanctuary at
Horse Protection Society
2135 Miller Road, China Grove NC 28023
501(c)3 nonprofit